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Clean picture of Pontoon Dock DLR. Great lines and shapes.

Dripping and Splattering Watercolor Paintings of animals mainly, are a messy splash of goodness

by Dave White

(via paintedpenguin)

Watercolour painting, using nice colours
by Pip & Paul
Comfort In The Presence Of Strangers
The thought of approaching a total stranger and chatting to them in order to take their portrait used to be a daunting prospect, but it gets easier the more you do it. Smile, relax and take time to listen to their story.
Now I find that some of the most interesting people are those I have yet to meet.
by Steve Hunt  (
I like these designs for an app icon. Very detailed
The red in this picture stand out beautifully.
Winter wonderland, Sweden
Photo by Danijel Ivic  (

Photos by satorifoto of russia’s lake baikal. at 25 millions years old, it is the oldest freshwater lake on the planet. it’s also the most voluminous, holding one fifth of the world’s freshwater, as well as the clearest. from january to may, the lake completely freezes over, allowing trucks to drive across it. (more lake baikal photos)

This very cheerful Adelie penguin would like you to share in his excitement at the snow
by Celestial Navigation  (

I love these eye catching adverts. The powerful imagery will get people thinking. Very real and disturbing.