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Great idea and well executed. It brought up a combo of emotions: it made me laugh and feel sick at the same time.

Meet recovering sugar addict/artist James Ostrer. LOOK.

This packaging reminds me of some secret potion. I’m not the biggest fan of decorative type but the works well.

826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store by Office

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Beautiful portrait of a child who has eyes that tell a story (not quite sure what the story is but there’s a definite story)

photo © Hugues Saint-Frison 2014  (
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How cool is this little architectual piece. Woukd have loved it as a kid and even now…. 

Spirit Shelter (Seelenkiste) by Allergutendinge, via ~ { Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr }

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This would fit perfect with the rest of the art I have in my house. Lively, fun colours with one of the nicest dogs, wearing the best head piece eve created.

Letters of Resignation II by Stephanie Toole.

1. “Otherness watches us from the shadows” – Fernando Pessoa
2. “Torture sounds incredible” – Joel Ross
3. “Regret, like imagination, exists for a reason” – unknown
4. “I promise to make you so alive that the fall of dust on furniture will deafen you” – Nina Cassian


(Source: betype)

That’s one amazing wall. I’d love to visit this spot and get my own photos. No idea where this is though…

Bolivian Coke: 1
by Craig Pusey  (
name: dowie bancale
born in ‘95 inspired by Himanshu Khanna (
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Colour, colour, colour, shape, shape, shape. 

Primary colours.
by David Prior  (
This photo captures the moment. I know this and I wasn’t even there. So that’s worth reblog in my opinion.

Dayanne  for Gant
by Omar Soto  (